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Oh-my-zsh fork

I maintain a fork of the very active Oh-My-Zsh project.

It’s mainly because pull requests takes a lot of time to be merged, and some are rejected.

However, I find this project a very good basis for my work environment based on the powerful Zsh shell.

Here is the homepage of this fork:

I use git and repo daily at work, and I need good shortcuts, aliases, and clever completion mecanism to ease my workflow.

Here is what this gives for some use cases:

Classic Git Project

  • cdp  is the alias to the project folder
  • gfa = git fetch all
  • gg is an alias for git gui
  • gga is an alias for git gui –amend
  • gp = git push

Git-Repo Project (Android)

  1. rsrra  is an alias to repo sync  and repo rebase --auto-stash  to sync everything smartly
  2. ru is an alias to repo upload .


  1. gmt  is an alias to git merge with the kdiff3 merge tool.

Rebase / fixup / squash / reorder / split commit history

  1. git rewrite-history<N>  is the alias I use almost everyday to reorganise my commit history. It does exactly what it says.