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Fix Yosemite FileVault’s “Encryption paused”

I had Filevault frozen for many weeks due to an unknown reason. It was stuck with the “Encryption paused” message. I finally found the way to unpause it and install macSierra.

I still have my old 2012 MacBook Pro, and he is lighting fast in almost every operation. I upgraded it to 16 Gb of RAM and added a 1 Tb SSD as the main operating system, keeping the old hard drive where the DVD drive was.

I have already tested VileVault when I was still using the hard drive, and it was so slow to wake up the mac and even to start any application I reverted it.[/emphasis]

Now that I run MacOS on an SSD, with plenty of RAM I feel confident to enable FileVault again. And it frozen for no reason the refresh on this screen:


It took me several weeks to figure out (actually because I didn’t really needed to fix it) to fix this issue. It was when the macOS Sierra installer refused to finish the installation because a FileVault encryption wasn’t finished that I was forced to dig into this problem.

The solution for this issue is to restart in Safe Mode (Cmd+R on startup) and perform an SOS on the system partition (or a permission repair if you have a Mac OS older than El Capitan).

You have to do the SOS on the system partition which may be “locked”. For an unknown reason, when I tried this from the Recovery Disk, I was not able to unlock the partition, the password was refused.

I had to restart from a Carbon Copy Cloner Full Backup and execute an SOS on both the disk AND the partition, Disk Utility was happy to unlock and mount the drive.

I followed the encryption being executed in the background from the Carbon Copy boot from the command line with the following tool:

A you can see, the  Conversion Progress line show progress, quite slowly but it finally completed the encryption of the main disk.

And finally: