About Me

Gaetan SEMET – Software Engineer
gaetan _at_ xeberon.net


I work as a software engineer for Intel Corporation on Advanced Continuous Integration Tools. Previously, I worked at Motorola and then OpenCube Technologies on hardware and software accelerators for video encoders used in television broad, digital cinema and Flight Tests Video Recording device for Airbus.

I am an opensource enthusiastic, I maintain several libraries and application, and I like to contribute to various open source project.

I recently jumped into the Machine Learning, Deep Learning and more generally Data Science world.



Software Development Engineer – Intel

Intel SAS, Toulouse
Software developer on highly configurable and highly available Continuous Integration System based on Buildbot. This system ensures Break-Free code lines, automatic pre-merge and post-merge tests. Used Intel-wide to build and test the Android Reference Phones and Tablets Platforms and handle regular automatic and manually triggered releases, in both source code and binaries format, to internal and external customers.

Deep knowledge of the Git toolchain and workflows, involving simultaneous rebase/merge on several hundred of projects.

Happy evangelist of the SOLID principles within our organisation


R&D Software Engineer – OpenCube

OpenCube / EVS Broadcast Equipment
May 2009 – February 2013 (3 years 10 months) – Toulouse, France
Software engineer responsible for the integration and development of advanced video coding technologies for the OpenCube Server, a high-end, highly parallel audio and video server used in Digital Cinema, News room, Broadcast Television and Test Flight Video Recording system for Airbus.



Software Engineer Motorola

October 2005 – May 2009 (3 years 8 months) – Toulouse, France
Development of multimedia codecs for DVB-H (Scma11, ARM11, XScale)
Mobile interface engineer development, main developer of the multimedia engine for a TV over Wifi mobile phone based on Linux, sold on the French market.


Software Engineer Trainee

April 2005 – October 2005 (7 months)
Trainee at Freescale in Advanced Technologies Department. Working on DVB-H stack and multimedia decoders development.


Engineering School Graduation

ISIMA Engineering School, Clermont-Ferrand, France
2002 – 2005 Computer Science, Software Engineer Degree

Specialization in Robotics and Hardware Design
Role Playing Game Association, President of the association managing the network connections in the student rooms, robotic association

There is too much things to do and too little time to follow everything.

I like to go through classes on Coursera, Udacity and EDX. I usually look for courses that are taught by very good instructor on topics I know relatively little about, like for example Behavioral Finance or Introduction to International Criminal Law.

githubFind me on GitHub.

I used to write several website, in PHP, Node in the past. But this blog uses WordPress engine at full thrust.

Even thought I follow how modern web developments evolves for my personal projects and also for professional tasks, especially since the advent of HTML5 and JS6, I do not really like having to maintain the whole code for my own website and trust others to do it. WordPress is a marvelous piece of software with so many plugins and gorgeous themes that I use it on all my websites. You cannot imagine how much plugins such as DrawIt Diagram or Crayon are so much time saving!

In short: a blog engine is a full time project and, if I may distort the famous quote from Isaac Newton: If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants, Newton, 1676. I want to rely on the shoulders of giants for running this blog.
This allows me to write posts from my computer or from my mobile phone. It also deals automatically with SEO, analytics, image resizing, code highlighting, and so much that I am so thankful to the community for providing such a rich platform for free!

I happily buy commercial plugins or theme when I find them really useful.

Of course my websites have been hacked several times. Other Hackers might have wanted to get rid of Blogging Engine and deploy a static, manually handled website, or powered by wonderful mini engines  such as Hexo or Jekyll. But I choose to handle them and learn, the hard way, how to get rid from them: first, backup periodically on different time scale, daily, weekly, monthly, and then, install anti-malware plugin.

All of this allow me to only focus on one thing on my Blog: writing.